Family Dentistry

Dental Care of Jackson Hole offers comprehensive dental care. We provide preventive, restorative, and family dentistry to patients of all ages in the Jackson area. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best care in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

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What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is an excellent way for families to get comprehensive care that considers their needs. At our family practice, we treat entire households, from toddlers to grandparents – and everyone in between! We provide all the dental services you need for career health, including:

  • Check-Ups and Cleanings: Regular check-ups and cleanings are essential for maintaining your smile and oral health! We urge our patients to come for routine teeth cleaning at least twice a year. During the appointment, Dr. Paula J. Schmidt or Dr. Braiden Jorgensen start by examining the patient’s mouth, checking for any signs of changes or abnormalities. Then, we perform thorough teeth cleaning to remove plaque buildup that may have accumulated on the surface of their teeth. Finally, we polish the teeth to achieve a clean look and feel. Between visits to our office, brush and floss regularly to maintain your best smile!
  • Fillings: When it comes to oral health, fillings are an excellent option for keeping cavities and other issues in check. We offer tooth-colored composite fillings which blend right in with the natural color of your teeth. That means no one has to know you have a dental filling when you smile! Plus, composite materials can help strengthen the structure of your natural teeth and create a smooth, durable surface – all while lasting many years with proper care. Visit us today to find out if fillings could be the solution that keeps your pearly whites in perfect health!
  • Extractions: Our office emphasizes gentle care for our patients. We always discuss the various options available before beginning any procedure. Our state-of-the-art equipment, along with our highly skilled team, allows us to offer extraction services that are both comfortable and efficient. So don’t worry; if you need tooth extraction services, you can count on us to take great care of you.
  • X-Rays: X-rays have been a part of dental care for almost a century. They provide important information about the health of your teeth, jaw, and nearby structures. X-rays allow us to see your mouth in ways we can’t with a visual exam, which allows us to more accurately diagnose and treat any issues you may have with your teeth or gums. We will only recommend them as needed, but they can be invaluable resources when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy. So don’t worry – x-rays are safe and take only seconds to get done!
  • And More: Our team is highly skilled in the latest procedures to ensure everyone in the family gets quality care that’s up to date with the most current standards. Seeing your whole family at one practice allows us to recognize any shared tendencies or habits they may have regarding their oral health. Our excellent staff also has years of experience making patients feel comfortable regardless of age. Visit us today to find out why finding a family dentist can be so beneficial!

Jackson Family Dentistry

You can trust Dental Care of Jackson Hole to take care of your smile. We offer a wide range of services, including teeth whitening, Invisalign, and dental implants. Our experienced team will work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. 

Reach out to us today! We look forward to seeing your smile and showing you how we can help you enhance that smile!