Long gone are when a crooked smile doomed you to eat corn on the cob through a tennis racket for life. The average age for getting braces in the U.S. is ten years old, when the jaw is both mature enough to stand the stress of braces and still easy enough to manipulate. Moreover, 70% of braces wearers are girls who get them for purely aesthetic purposes. Even though braces are often worn to correct jaw alignment issues, there’s no denying the beautiful smiles they create for their wearers.

If you live in the Jackson, WY area, you have an impressive dentistry and orthodontics team at Dental Care of Jackson Hole. They provide some of the best dental care in the city, but they offer some of the newest orthodontic technology. Read on to learn more about their revolutionary Damon System of orthodontics.

Damon Orthodontics

The patented Damon System of orthodontics is one of the newest and most cutting-edge means of straightening your teeth. But what sets the Damon System apart from other orthodontics systems? For starters, this system uses the body’s natural forces to straighten teeth, instead of employing metal brackets and stiff arch wires to move the teeth around in the mouth. The Damon System uses “memory” wires that require no rubber bands, wires, or palate expanders before implementation. This system results in a smile straightened six months faster than traditional braces.

Other benefits

Faster straightened teeth are just one of the many benefits of wearing a Damon System orthodontic system. You’ll also experience more comfort wearing these kinds of braces, and will therefore spend less time at the dentist’s office getting treatment. Moreover, the Damon System doesn’t require any teeth extraction before implementation, so you’ll spend much less in the long run.

How does the Damon System differ from traditional braces?

As mentioned above, the Damon system doesn’t use metal brackets or rubber bands the way traditional braces do. Damon System brackets are much smaller on the teeth, creating less plaque buildup over time. This system also uses advanced maxillofacial technology to project what a face will look like in ten, 20, and even 30 years, thereby making it easier for orthodontists to fine-tune their patients’ plans.

If that doesn’t convince you how great the Damon System is, consider this: Damon System braces are completely tie-free, meaning you won’t have to worry about any brackets or wires cutting up the insides of your mouth. Instead, this system uses “sliders,” which work with the natural forces of the mouth and require no routine tightening by your orthodontist.

Residents of Jackson are quite lucky to have such revolutionary orthodontic technology available to them. Not only this, but their dental services are some of the best in town, too. If you live in the Jackson area and your teeth are in need of some TLC, you can’t go wrong visiting Dental Care of Jackson. For more information on Dental Care of Jackson Hole and their other services, visit their website. Thanks for reading, and we hope you learned something new!