Root Canal Treatment in Jackson Hole, WY. If you have damaged or decayed teeth, there may be various treatment options for them. Dr. Schmidt or Dr. Jorgensen may recommend something as simple as dental bonding to repair the outer tooth portion or something more invasive such as tooth extraction and replacement with a prosthetic. A root canal may also be a great treatment option depending on the tooth issue.


What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a specialized treatment designed to save your natural tooth. The tooth blood vessels and nerves are located in the pulpy material in the tooth core. When a tooth is damaged, cracked, or decaying, sometimes bacteria and other harmful substances can get inside. The pulpy area of the tooth can be destroyed if an infection reaches its central part. This can be excruciatingly painful. Root canal therapy cleans and strengthens the inner section of the tooth.

One of the root canal advantages is leaving your natural tooth in place. Dental options such as dentures and implants can be great solutions for your health, but there’s no substitute for your natural teeth. 

The root canal treatment will remove only the infected, damaged tooth portion. The outer, natural tooth portion will be largely unaffected, and you’ll never again feel pain in that tooth because the interior blood vessels and nerves will be removed. As long as you practice good dental hygiene and take good care of your treated tooth, it can remain a durable, functioning tooth. 


What is the Root Canal Process?

We start the root canal by ensuring you’re comfortable, that we answer any of your questions, and that you’re ready to go. We’ll administer some local anesthesia to maximize your comfort. This may be the part of the process where you’ll feel the most discomfort, but once your tooth is numb, you won’t feel anything during the procedure. 

Next, we’ll use a specialized tool to drill into the tooth and access the interior. We’ll clean out the infected portion of the interior and disinfect it to prevent any disease from spreading further. We’ll clean and apply a dental resin to strengthen the interior, then cap the tooth with a prosthetic material to ensure that nothing can get inside the tooth. 

That’s it. You should take it easy for several days to allow your tooth to heal, and we’ll want to hear from you if anything doesn’t seem right. 


Root Canal Therapy for Excellent Dental Health

The concept of root canal treatment may cause you some concern if you’ve heard of it but aren’t completely familiar with it. Root canal treatment has a reputation for being the worst of all dental nightmares. Fortunately, times have changed. If you need a root canal, fear not. Advances in medicine and technology have improved the process. 

Tooth decay or damage can affect your smile. Our therapeutic, specialized root canal treatment gets right to the root of the issue. Root canal treatment helps restore the tooth’s natural health, vitality, and beauty.


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