Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with naturally straight teeth. Thankfully, though, we live in a time where straightening your teeth is totally possible, but you can take a few different routes to get there. The two most popular methods for straightening your teeth are traditional metal braces and invisible aligners.

Traditional braces use wires, brackets, and small rubber bands to change your teeth’s alignment and position in your jaw. The average age range of metal braces wearers in the U.S. is between nine and 14 years old. However, many adults also invest in metal braces to get a straight and healthy smile.

But because of metal braces’ association with its younger, preteen wearers, some adults feel embarrassed about having to get them. One of the most significant drawbacks of metal braces is having to flash a metallic smile for a year or two. While some people don’t mind that aspect, others would instead shoot for the best of both worlds: teeth straightening and naked teeth. Fortunately, invisible aligners accomplish both of these.

But what are some other benefits of invisible aligners over metal braces?

Better oral hygiene

Anyone who’s worn metal braces can recall the woes of getting bits of old food out of the brackets. Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s pretty gross to walk around with food particles stuck in your braces. However, caring for your teeth is pretty easy when you have invisible aligners. You’ll be able to brush and floss much more efficiently and therefore, won’t have to worry about excess plaque buildup.


Metal braces require wires to set and straighten your teeth. This fact means it’s quite common for wires to stick out and poke your gums or other fleshy parts of your mouth. Fortunately, no wires are required to wear invisible aligners. You will, though, need to get a custom molding of your mouth to get your aligners fitted. The most popular brand of invisible aligners, Invisalign, usually runs for about $5000 per set, making them comparable to metal braces.

Shorter treatment time

If you decide to opt for metal braces, you might want to start practicing your closed-lip smiles. Otherwise, you’ll be flashing your metal mouth for the next two years or so, which is the average time people wear metal braces. On the other hand, invisible aligners only need to be worn for an average of 15 months, shaving a cool nine months off their more traditional cousins. Not to mention, you don’t need to wear invisible aligners 24/7 the way you do with metal braces; 22 hours a day is the recommended amount of time you should wear them in a day.

Jackson, WY residents seeking Invisalign aligners will be happy to know that Dental Care of Jackson Hole is ready to meet their demands. The benefits of invisible aligners are quite apparent, so what are you waiting for? A straighter, healthier smile is within your reach right now.